Crypto Revolt: Is it Scam or Legit?

Is Crypto Revolt a scam? This is a comprehensive Crypto Revolt review. We examine its legitimacy claims and security features, and then decide to accept or deny its claims to help you earn money. We’ll also review its capabilities to trade and look over online reviews.

Crypto Revolt

What is Crypto Revolt?

The Crypto Revolt is a crypto-oriented online trading program created to earn profits on a regular basis. As per the website for Crypto Revolt, the robot is among the top automated trading tools available. Crypto Revolt claims it assists traders generate a large amount of passive income with little effort. The development of the most sophisticated algorithm for trading and the risk-free strategies for trading make the robot unbeatable. In this article we examine our experience with the Crypto Revolt in detail.

Self-Claimed Features of Crypto Revolt


It is claimed that Crypto Revolt claims that you can program it in accordance with your needs in trading. The robot, which is customizable, allows you to set the preferences you want to make when trading. The selection of your preferred strategies for managing money and the trend indicator will help the robot comprehend the trading strategy more clearly. The option to manage risk as well as the amount that you want to put on each trade help you create a secure trading strategy that the machine can follow. While the concept sounds fantastic but, you will see the same function in virtually every automated trading robot on the market today.

Source of Passive Income

The website states that the bot is used as a source for continuous passive income. The robot boasts that, with its highest success rate and the most efficient trading strategies, you’ll be rich in no time. The robot promises to give you incredible results. There is however, no information on the trading algorithms the robot utilizes to determine trade placement. The website also doesn’t provide any evidence to support its claims.

Virtually Available

This Revolt trading software, also known as the Crypto Revolt trading program is Web-based application which is available around all hours of the day. There is no need to install the program on your personal computer. It’s updated on the server, and there is no need to install any updates also. The software that is accessible online lets you trade even on weekend. With the exception of online availability You might be wondering whether it’s worth it? The website that is offering Crypto Revolt auto trading robot is similar to the ones of scam websites we’ve previously reviewed. The scam robots share the same features.

User-Friendly Interface

The website states it is Crypto Revolt trading app has an intuitive interface for users. People who have no prior experience trading with robots that automate their trades can use it with ease. The people behind the robot’s advertising assert they believe that it’s just as user-friendly as hitting the button to start. If we say it’s simple for users to operate, however can we have the confidence that once we press that start button the robot will not consume our money immediately.


As with other apps for auto trading similar to Crypto Revolt is similar to other auto trading apps. Crypto Revolt trading app also declares that you don’t have to worry about investing. The robot utilizes Artificial Intelligence to take precise trading choices. According to their site, it handles all the hard work, which includes the fundamental and technical study of market. It is all you have to do is to pay your account in full and then relax. If that’s indeed the case, then why do we have to modify the robot? What do we do if we modify the robot in a wrong way?

Instant Verification

The website Crypto Revolt claims to offer rapid verification. However legitimate trading platforms require customers to go through the verification process before allowing trading above the amount of. However, the Crypto Revolt trading app, however, does not restrict your trading to any size. The robot’s primary purpose is to convince you to fund your account by making large amounts of money. When you’re done with your deposits, the system is unlikely to send you a check.

Quick Withdrawals

An online trading site is no benefit if you are unable to make withdrawals in time. It is true that the Crypto Revolt trading bot claims to provide quick withdrawals. However, there are some limitations that could hinder you from being able to have your money removed. These restrictions pertain to the minimum amount of trading you need to reach before you are able to submit the request for withdrawal of funds. The platform is careful to keep this information secret from its users.

Demo Account

Demo accounts allow traders to practice and learn various trading skills without risking their actual money. Demo accounts can be helpful for beginners since they give new traders confidence before going live. But, demo accounts should not be confused actual trading platform. The odds of trading, such as leverages and slippage, trade execution and more. are different during the live session of trading. So, the presence of an account demo isn’t enough to judge the robot as legitimate.

Quick Account Setup

This Crypto Revolt trading application provides the ability to set up your account in a short time that takes only one or two minutes. It is necessary to join the platform by choosing the broker that is recommended. It is also necessary to make the necessary deposit before you can begin trading using the robot. The procedure for joining almost every trading platform is the similar. There is only one difference: the amount of time needed for a verification process , which we’ve mentioned previously. It’s true that the setup of your account isn’t that crucial in the event that the robot is no benefit.

Customer Support

A successful business venture pays particular focus on their customer service department. Customer support is often viewed as a real representation of business activities. The Crypto Revolt promises to provide top-quality customer support for its customers round all the time. But, this claim is unsubstantiated. The company is not able to be reached in case you have any problems. There’s no chat feature or telephone number on the official website of the company’s page, where you can express your concerns, except for using the complaint online form.

How Does Crypto Revolt Work?

The Crypto Revolt scans the crypto markets with in-built trading algorithms to identify the right entry and exit points. When a trading opportunity that is suitable is found and the robot transmits the details to its associated brokers to complete the trade. As per the website for the robot’s main site, an order is completed in the fractions of a second. It is important to know that you have to have your account funded prior to using the robot. The minimum amount required to start using Crypto Revolt is $250. Crypto Revolt is $250. After depositing the funds making the robot operational is the next step you need to do in order for your robot ready to place trades with ease.

How can I begin to participate in cryptocurrency? Crypto Revolt?

The process of getting started using getting started with Crypto Revolt is simple. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Open the official website of the robot by typing in your web browser or clicking the link.
  2. Fill in your information including your initial and last names. It is also possible to give your mobile number.
  3. Click the Generate New Password button to generate a new password to login to your account.
  4. Choose the country in which you have place of residence, and then enter any other details if you are asked.
  5. Click the Get Started Now button to go to the broker’s site.
  6. Select the amount you would like to deposit , for example $250.
  7. Choose your preferred payment method for example, credit or debit credit card, electronic payments, as well as wire transfer.
  8. If you decide to pay by credit or debit card, you must enter the card’s number as well as the date of expiration for the card.
  9. Enter the three-pin verification number on the back of the card.
  10. Click the checkbox to confirm that you have read and agree to those terms and conditions in effect.
  11. Follow the next step to complete your payment.
  12. Take a moment and return in the main menu menu to determine whether the deposits were successful.
  13. Make a copy of your account, and then share it with Crypto Revolt staff.
  14. Request them to provide the recommended settings for the robot.
  15. Configure the robot , then press the start button for automated trading.

Is Crypto Revolt A Legit Trading Software?

Before we discuss its authenticity, let us provide you with some information to help you decide whether or not this is an authentic trading application. The first thing to note is that the robot boasts the same features of the other automated trading robots we’ve examined to the present. Furthermore, it comes with numerous online domains on which you are able to sign up for the identical robot. There are no reviews that could give a sense of assurance that it is legal. Additionally, there is no information at the website for Crypto Revolt, telling how and the date that the robot first came to existence? Based on the information we have that we have, we’ll leave it to you to determine whether you believe that it’s a genuine one.

Could you earn $13000 from this method? Crypto Revolt in 24 hours?

The most straightforward answer is not. Let’s try to make it sound like logical. Since the official website of Crypto Revolt claims that the robot is able to help traders make endless profits over the course of 24 hours Don’t you believe there should be a reasonable amount of information regarding the way in which the robot is expected to function. The website instead states that the robot employs advanced trading algorithms, however, this is what most trading robots do. So, what makes this Crypto Revolt any better?

The cryptocurrency market is known to be extremely volatile, as well as greater liquidity on the market, therefore the robot is able to accommodate unpredictable changes that can leave even traders with decades of experience in danger. The robot is similar to the other trading robots who promise unlimited profits for no reason.

Are Crypto Revolt Testimonials Real?

What do the reviews on Quora provide concerning this? Crypto Revolt?

Quora is among the top social media platforms which connects people around the world to share their thoughts and information. There were many opinions on Crypto Revolt on Quora. Crypto Revolt on Quora, many of which were in opposition to taking a stake in Crypto Revolt. One member of Quora claimed that these automated trading scam robots, like those that are part of the Crypto Revolt, falsely claim to be endorsed by different TV channels and journalists to market their own products. He advised the public to stay clear of such fraud robots and to use authentic platforms instead.

What do the reviews on Reddit review regarding this? Crypto Revolt?

Similar to Quora, Reddit was also filled with negative comments and opinions about The Crypto Revolt. The public was very irritated by the fraudulent trading robot. A Reddit user Reddit said that the bot was launched in November of this year. To date the robot has erased the accounts of numerous traders. There is a widespread perception of the robot as fraud. We too would like to advise people to avoid fake robots and save the money they spend for the future.

Did celebrities suggest Crypto Revolt?

It is common for machines to say that a variety of celebrities have been a part of their endorsement. It is also common for them to claim that they have received endorsements from celebrities. Crypto Revolt also claims to have been endorsed by celebrities. Some famous names are repeatedly mentioned in false endorsement news, including Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Holly Willoughby, Piers Morgan, Bill Gates, and some others. The most disturbing thing is that fake marketers do not hesitate to link false statements to famous people without their permission. We took this seriously and set out to discover the truth. The answers from the star are listed below for your reference.

Richard Branson:The English businessman and the founder of the Virgin Group of Companies needs no introduction. The well-known entrepreneur has been named numerous times due to the fraudulent promotional advertisements of automatic trading robots. One of them is the Crypto Revolt. Crypto Revolt is one of the most notorious. According to the official website for The Crypto Revolt, the robot is endorsed by the famous English business billionaire Richard Branson.

If Sir Richard Branson was asked to verify the authenticity of the endorsement news relating to the Crypto Revolt, he disowned the news story. When he spoke to reporters from the media, Richard Branson cleared himself by saying that a variety of fake companies use his name to mislead the public often. He is planning to pursue legal action against the culprits, said Richard Branson.

Piers MorganPiers Morgan is popular journalist as well as a broadcaster, writer and media personality. The 55 year old was also mentioned to have been a supporter of in the Crypto Revolt.

After confirmation, the story proved to be fake. Piers Morgan has denied any affiliation with any of these fraudulent auto trading robots which includes Crypto Revolt. Crypto Revolt. Morgan will not support any automated trading software in the near future, Morgan added.

Bill Gates:The creator of Microsoft Inc. Bill Gates has also been identified as the person who supported cryptocurrency Crypto Revolt. But, Bill Gates surprisingly didn’t be aware that the computer known as Crypto Revolt does even exists. Bill Gates not only denied the existence of the endorsement but also clarified to the general public that fraudulent entities are trying to deceive people in the names of TV and celebrity Stars. It is best not to listen to the fake advertisements, and should never put their money in anything else unless they are able to get grasp of it in full.

Have ever seen the Crypto Revolt ever appeared on TV?

The idea of claiming endorsements from celebrities or appearance on television has recently become an increasingly popular practice for auto trading apps. The primary goal of this marketing scheme, which is allegedly fraudulent, is to draw people’s attention. general public. The crypto robots that we have reviewed previously, including bitcoin profits, the bitcoin codes bitcoin superstar, bitcoin revolution, Ethereum code, bitcoin eras, and many more claimed to be endorsed by different television shows like Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den as well as This Morning. Find out more about them here;

This Morning: This Morning is a famous English show that has been broadcast by UK TV for the past 30 years. The hosts include Judy Finnigan, Ruth Langsford, Holly Willoughby, Richard Madeley, Phillip Schofield, and Eamonn Holmes. The show is a mix of scenes from everyday life such as kitchens and homes as well as health and fitness as well as interviews with celebrities, sports fashion, business, and movies. The presenters were asked to confirm whether they had signed a statement of support for this app Crypto Revolt auto trading app? The answer was negative. As per the house of media that runs the show, there’s no proof about the fact that morning news has approved any auto trading application.

Dragon’s Den: Dragon’s Den is another UK business reality show. Presenters include the millionaires from around the world, including well-known names like Tej Lalvani Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies. The show is structured that allows young stars from the nation to develop new business ideas that are innovative and then try to convince the five millionaires. If their ideas are successful, they are funded by the world’s most wealthy investors. In relation to the claims Crypto Revolt Crypto Revolt makes concerning its endorsement on the Dragon’s Den was found to be false. The panelists on the show denied any endorsement and advised viewers to be on guard.

The Shark Tank:Shark Tank is an American version of Dragon’s Den. It’s an US business reality program whose format is similar to that of The Dragon’s Den. The five millionaires of the shark tank are Daymond John Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban & Kevin O’Leary. It was also revealed that the Crypto Revolt endorsement news that was posted on the shark tank’s platform was found to be untrue. The crew remembered the last time they had the opportunity to use an app that allows for auto trading.

Pros & Cons

Advantages of Crypto Revolt

  • The Crypto Revolt supports both manual as well as auto-trade.
  • The Crypto Revolt is accessible 24/7.
  • It is Crypto Revolt is easy to install and comes with an easy verification process.
  • The robot has customizable options.
  • The robot is able to support multiple withdrawal and deposit methods.

Disadvantages of Crypto Revolt

  • Crypto Revolt Crypto Revolt is available on numerous domains making it appear to be suspicious.
  • This Crypto Revolt trading app doesn’t offer forex trading.
  • It is reported that the Crypto Revolt app’s website offers no support for customers.
  • The robot’s operation is not controlled and your money is at risk.
  • It is a Crypto Revolt trading application has no official endorsement.


After a thorough review of Crypto Revolt, we conclude that the Crypto Revolt is a scam trading application. It operates in the same way as the other cryptocurrency trading robots that we have previously looked at. It is similar to other robots we’ve reviewed. Crypto Revolt has no testimonials and isn’t controlled, which means it more secure for your money vulnerable. The robot does not share any details about the trading algorithm it claims to employ. Additionally, the crypt revolt does not provide any support for customers to assist traders in finding solutions to issues they encounter when trading. We advise against investing with a scam-like trading robot. Put your money into other legitimate trading platform instead of investing your money in the unreliable trading application.

Etoro is the world’s leading crypto exchange and CFD broker that has different assets to trade for over 10 years. It is fully regulated and regulated by some of the most well-known regulators, such as those of ASIC, FCA, and CySEC. Etoro has its headquarters in Cyprus and its regional offices spread across the globe.

The broker has a variety of leverage options, as well as the possibility to replicate trades from other successful traders via their social-trade platform. Etoro offers a customized digital wallet, which can be used to store a variety of cryptocurrency. It is also possible to exchange your cryptos with other digital assets by using this eToro electronic wallet. The support team for customers at eToro is available 24 hours a 24/7 to help traders get their questions answered in a timely manner.

Quantum Ai Mobile App

Bei Quantum Ai ist keine Mindesteinzahlung erforderlich. Sie können so viel oder so wenig einzahlen, wie Sie möchten, und Ihr Geld steht Ihnen je nach Einzahlungsart in bis zu einer Stunde zur Verfügung. BTC ist zum Beispiel sofort verfügbar. Es werden auch keine Einzahlungsgebühren erhoben.

Auszahlungen werden bei Quantum Ai innerhalb von 24 Stunden bearbeitet, sofern Sie ein elektronisches Zahlungssystem, eine Kryptowährung oder eine Kreditkarte verwenden. Überweisungen dauern ein wenig länger, zwischen drei und fünf Werktagen. Beachten Sie, dass bei Quantum Ai die Abhebungs- und Einzahlungsmethoden identisch sein müssen. Apropos, Sie können Überweisungen, Kreditkarten oder elektronische Zahlungssysteme verwenden, um Geld von Ihrem Konto einzuzahlen oder abzuheben.

Quantum Ai Mobile App

Kunden, die lieber mit dem Smartphone als mit dem Computer arbeiten, können eine hervorragende Handels-App auf ihren Smart-Geräten installieren. Das Brokerage ist sowohl für Android- als auch für iOS-Geräte verfügbar. DEr Download ist unter zu finden.

Die Android-App funktioniert reibungslos und erfordert keine zusätzlichen Einstellungen. Kunden, die ihre Quantum Ai-iOS-App nutzen möchten, müssen der App nach dem Download jedoch „vertrauen“. Diese Option finden Sie in den Einstellungen, genauer gesagt unter Geräteverwaltung.

Quantum Ai-Kundendienst
Wenn Sie Unterstützung bei Ihrem Handel benötigen oder auf ein Problem stoßen, können Sie sich gerne an den Quantum Ai-Kundenservice wenden. Er ist 24/7 verfügbar und Sie können ihn per E-Mail, Live-Chat und über soziale Netzwerke erreichen.

Die Agenten sind extrem höflich, hilfsbereit und kenntnisreich, so ist es kein Wunder, warum sie in jedem einzelnen Benutzer Quantum Ai Bewertung gelobt werden.

Quantum Ai-Alternativen
In diesem Abschnitt werden wir Quantum Ai mit einigen seiner Konkurrenten vergleichen, die in den USA verfügbar sind.

Quantum Ai vs Robinhood

Robinhood begrüßt Trader aus fast allen Teilen der Welt. Genau wie sein Konkurrent Quantum Ai erfordert es keine Mindesteinlage, aber es erhebt auch keinerlei Gebühren.

Da es sich jedoch auf den automatischen Handel und das Investieren konzentriert, ist es möglicherweise keine gute Wahl für erfahrene Nutzer. Neulinge hingegen könnten es recht nützlich finden.

Wenn die fehlende Regulierung von Quantum Ai für Sie ein großes Problem darstellt, könnte Robinhood eine gute Wahl sein. Der Broker wird von SEC und FINRA reguliert, und Ihre Gelder sind FDIC-versichert.

Quantum Ai vs TD Ameritrade
Beide Broker verlangen eine Mindesteinlage von $ 0, um ein Konto zu eröffnen und mit dem Handel zu beginnen. TD Ameritrade rühmt sich zwar, keine Gebühren für den Aktienhandel zu erheben, erhebt aber $ 0,65 pro Optionskontrakt.

Im Gegensatz zu Quantum Ai, das sich hauptsächlich auf Krypto und Forex konzentriert, können TD Ameritrade-Kunden mit einer Reihe von anderen Aktien wie Optionen, ETF, Futures, Investmentfonds und Anleihen handeln.

Quantum Ai vs. Fidelity
Fidelity wurde 1946 gegründet und ist ein bekannter US-Broker, der sich nicht nur auf den Handel und das Investieren, sondern auch auf eine Reihe von Finanzdienstleistungen konzentriert. Neben der Bereitstellung von Investmentfonds, ETF, Optionen und anderen Aktien bietet Fidelity auch Altersvorsorge und professionelle Anlageberatung.

Im Gegensatz zu Quantum Ai, das sich auf den Krypto- und Devisenhandel konzentriert, nimmt Fidelity diese Anlagen nicht in sein Angebot auf. Stattdessen ist es auf Aktien, ETF, Anleihen, Investmentfonds und Edelmetalle ausgerichtet.

Es ist an der Zeit, unsere Quantum Ai-Bewertung abzuschließen und noch einmal zu sagen, was uns an diesem Brokerage gefallen hat und was nicht.

Quantum Ai ist sowohl für erfahrene als auch für unerfahrene Trader hervorragend geeignet. Die MT4-Plattform ist benutzerfreundlich und intuitiv, so dass Neulinge nicht eingeschüchtert werden. Ebenso können erfahrene Anleger sie an ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen. Allerdings könnten sie über das Fehlen einer MT5-Plattform enttäuscht sein.

Die Registrierung bei Quantum Ai dauert nur wenige Schritte. Die Benutzer können sogar das KYC-Protokoll umgehen und nur ihre E-Mail-Adresse angeben.

Wie nichts perfekt ist, so ist der Fall mit Quantum Ai. Die größten Nachteile sind das Fehlen einer Regulierung – schließlich sind die Kunden sicherer, wenn sie wissen, dass der Broker, den sie benutzen, reguliert ist. Ein weiterer Nachteil sind die Gebühren und Tarife von Quantum Ai, da sie im Vergleich zu anderen Brokern tendenziell höher sind. Schließlich ist der Broker nicht in den USA verfügbar, so dass amerikanische Händler sich anderweitig umsehen müssen.

Benutzerfreundliche Plattform
Ausgezeichnete Kundenbetreuung
Spreads beginnen bei 0,1
Keine Mindesteinlage erforderlich
Nicht in den USA verfügbar
Keine Regulierung durch eine Aufsichtsbehörde
Keine MT5-Plattform


Einführung in Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up ist eine der beliebtesten Bitcoin- und Kryptowährungsbörsen. Sie bietet seit Oktober 2012 eine zuverlässige Anlaufstelle für BTC und hat 2016 begonnen, Altcoins hinzuzufügen.

Bitcoin Up ist sicher, hat eine gute Bilanz als Verwahrer, aber fällt in der Privatsphäre Abteilung. Es hat auch einige der höchsten Gebühren in der Branche.

Dieser Bericht zielt darauf ab, die gründlichste Analyse der Bitcoin Up-Börse zu präsentieren. Sie untersucht den Hintergrund von Bitcoin Up, die Sicherheitsbilanz, die Dienstleistungen, die Benutzerfreundlichkeit, die Zugänglichkeit und die Kosten.

Aber lassen Sie mich von Anfang an klarstellen: Wir empfehlen NIEMANDEM, Bitcoin Up zu nutzen. Der Respekt vor Ihrer Privatsphäre ist mehr als grauenhaft und es gibt viele Alternativen, die es wert sind, genutzt zu werden.



Schneller Einstieg in den Handel; hohe Limits

Einfacher Weg für Neueinsteiger, Bitcoins zu bekommen
Ihr Kapital ist in Gefahr
Wir werben nicht für den Handel mit Wertpapieren jeglicher Art, einschließlich CFDs, und erhalten auch keine Provisionen dafür. eToro verlangt jedoch, dass wir Ihnen den folgenden Haftungsausschluss zur Verfügung stellen: CFDs sind komplexe Instrumente und bergen aufgrund der Hebelwirkung ein hohes Risiko, schnell Geld zu verlieren. 62% der Konten von Kleinanlegern verlieren Geld beim Handel mit CFDs bei diesem Anbieter. Sie sollten abwägen, ob Sie die Funktionsweise von CFDs verstehen und ob Sie es sich leisten können, das hohe Risiko einzugehen, Ihr Geld zu verlieren.

Funktioniert in fast allen Ländern
Höchste Limits für den Kauf von Bitcoins mit einer Kreditkarte
Zuverlässiger und vertrauenswürdiger Broker

Hohe Liquidität und niedrige Gebühren

Unterstützt die meisten Länder
Vertrauenswürdige Börse, gegründet im Jahr 2011
SCHNELLER TIPP: Der beste Ort, um Münzen nach dem Kauf aufzubewahren, ist nicht eine Börse. Sie müssen eine Hardware-Wallet wie eine Ledger oder Trezor kaufen, um sie selbst zu speichern.

Vor- und Nachteile
Saubere Oberfläche, die einfach zu bedienen ist
Übermäßig aufdringliche KYC
Schnelles KYC
Extrem hohe Gebühren
Viele Münzen zur Auswahl – für Bitcoiner ist das ein Betrug
Besitzt und nutzt ein Kettenanalyse-Unternehmen, das mit Spyware-Schlägern in Verbindung steht
Versucht, seine Analysen an die IRS und die DEA zu verkaufen
Die Plattform fällt oft aus und verbietet Abhebungen – festsitzendes Geld
sperrt oft die Konten der Nutzer ohne jegliche Erklärung und gibt das Geld nicht zurück

Musk non è più l’uomo più ricco del mondo dopo il crollo di Tesla e Bitcoin

Le azioni Tesla hanno iniziato a scivolare alla fine di gennaio, accelerando dopo l’annuncio di acquisto di BTC.

L’amministratore delegato di Tesla Elon Musk ha perso la corona di uomo più ricco del mondo a seguito di una forte correzione di Bitcoin e di un crollo delle azioni della sua azienda che alcuni analisti ritengono siano correlati

Il titolo Tesla (TSLA) è sceso del 21% dal suo massimo di $ 890 il 26 gennaio, accelerando quelle perdite negli ultimi due giorni in un calo a $ 698. Le azioni del produttore di veicoli elettrici sono scese del 13% martedì 23 febbraio, il peggior giorno del titolo dall’inizio di settembre.

Fox Business ha incolpato il calo delle azioni di questa settimana sull’associazione dell’azienda con Bitcoin, citando l’analista Dan Ives di Wedbush, che ha anche notato che ritiene che la mossa sia stata strategica a lungo termine .

„Gli investitori stanno iniziando a legare Bitcoin e Tesla all’anca. Mentre Tesla sulla carta ha guadagnato circa $ 1 miliardo su Bitcoin in un mese che ha superato tutti i suoi profitti EV dal 2020, le recenti vendite di 48 ore in Bitcoin e l’aggiunta di volatilità hanno spinto alcuni investitori a uscire da questo nome nel breve termine, “

Le azioni di Tesla sono state scambiate a circa $ 865 l’8 febbraio quando è stato fatto l’annuncio di aver acquistato $ 1,5 miliardi in Bitcoin. Ha toccato il fondo a $ 681 il 23 febbraio secondo Yahoo Finance . Tuttavia, anche le segnalazioni di problemi di controllo della qualità in Cina potrebbero aver influito sul prezzo.

Tesla possiede circa 48.000 BTC, il che significa che i profitti della carta erano dell’ordine di un miliardo di dollari quando l’asset aveva raggiunto il suo massimo storico di poco più di $ 58.000 il 21 febbraio

Nonostante il crollo dei prezzi di questa settimana, l’azienda è ancora in profitto sull’acquisto di Bitcoin, poiché l’asset aveva un prezzo di oltre $ 39.000 quando è stato fatto l’annuncio di acquisto (e l’acquisto è avvenuto prima).

Il calo delle azioni di Telsa ha fatto cadere Musk dal vertice del Billionaires Index di Bloomberg , con perdite recenti segnalate a $ 3,56 miliardi. Jeff Bezos è di nuovo in cima alla lista con un patrimonio netto totale stimato di $ 187 miliardi, mentre Musk ha $ 180 miliardi secondo Bloomberg.

Al momento della stesura di questo articolo, i prezzi di Bitcoin si erano corretti del 17% a circa $ 48.000, segnando una flessione di $ 10.000 in soli tre giorni. In termini di pullback, i mercati sono abituati a quelli molto più grandi come il ritiro di metà gennaio che ha portato a una correzione del 30% per BTC.

Ripple (XRP) to the wall – SEC hands it down to court

Last nail in the coffin for XRP? – Since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stumbled upon Ripple Labs and its XRP token, bad news has followed an almost daily rate. This time, it is the accusation of the US financial policeman that becomes clearer.

The 2 Ripple executives on the SEC grill

The Ripple vs SEC affair never ends. Indeed, on February 18, the financial regulator made a modification to its complaint against Ripple, as can be seen in this document filed with the Court of the Southern District of New York.

He specifies in particular his accusations against Christian Larsen , the executive chairman of Ripple, and Bradley Garlinghouse , its current CEO. The SEC implicates insider trading from the second page of the document:

“Because Ripple has never filed a registration statement [with the SEC], it has never provided investors with the important information that hundreds of other issuers each year include in their statements when they apply. public investments. Instead, Ripple created such a big information aspiration, that Ripple and the 2 insiders who had the most control – Larsen and Garlinghouse – were able to sell XRP in a marketplace that only had the information that the defendants had chosen to share [to the public] on Ripple and XRP. “

SEC won’t release pressure on Ripple

The regulatory authority is even becoming urgent : it notes that the 2 defendants not only still hold „considerable quantities“ of XRP, but also continue today to use this „information asymmetry“ with aggrieved investors to their own personal gain .

In the table below (on page 16), we can see that Christian Larsen would have sold around 1.7 billion of his XRP and Bradley Garlinghouse, approximately 357 million of his. The leaders and their company would therefore have illegally sold nearly 14.6 billion units of their token.

US terror possibly funded from France with Bitcoin

US terror possibly funded from France with Bitcoin

Raphael Adrian Last updated: 19 January 2021Linkedin Twitter Facebookwhite building during day
Around a month before the storming of the US Capitol, right-wing extremists reportedly received a large Bitcoin donation. An exclusive report by yahoo!news recently raised the issue. Thus, on 8 December last year, a total of 28.15 BTC with an equivalent value of 500,000 US dollars was said to have flowed into 22 wallets of various personalities and organisations of the right-wing scene.


Traces lead to France

Based on data provided by Yahoo, the software company Chainanalysis conducted investigations. It is said that the origin of the payments could be traced back to the heart of Europe to France. The payments came from an account of a French crypto exchange. VDARE, Daily Stormer and Nicholas Fuentes were among the associations and organisations that received gifts. On the basis of the research, personal data on the sender of the payments could also be established. The sender is said to be a French programmer who also runs a blog.

The research firm describes one of the contributions as a farewell letter. In it, the programmer had spoken of the „downfall of Western civilisation“ and that he wanted to donate his assets to organisations that fulfil certain purposes. However, no new post has been found on the blog since 2014.

Trading with Bitcoin Prime

The Bitcoin Prime trading platform is easy to use. The trading process is simple; all the crypto trader needs to do is click on a button to activate the live trading feature, and the rest is easy. Trading with Bitcoin Prime has revealed that it is possible to earn a consistent profit from the crypto market every day. The trading robot does all the work, which is good news for new crypto traders who do not know much about the crypto market.

US government looks at counter-terrorism measures
An anonymous source revealed further details about the case. As of now, law enforcement agencies are also said to have taken up the case in order to further track down the transaction. Also to find out more details and financial backgrounds to the turmoil in Washington. In this way, the government hopes to be able to act better in the future.

At a press conference, US Attorney Michael Sherwin said that the FBI considers the investigations in this case to be „significant counterterrorism or counterintelligence“. To this end, the authorities are currently in the process of obtaining information on the case.

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75 millions de dollars en bitcoin vendus

75 millions de dollars en bitcoin vendus par les autorités douanières finlandaises

  • L’autorité douanière finlandaise, Tulli, s’apprête à vendre pour 75 millions de dollars de bitcoin.
  • Tulli a saisi près de 2000 bitcoins en 2016.
  • À l’époque, la saisie de Bitcoin valait un peu plus de 850 000 dollars.

Le Trust Project est un consortium international d’organismes de presse qui établit des normes de transparence.

Il semble que les autorités douanières finlandaises, connues sous le nom de Tulli, détiennent depuis longtemps des bitcoins et cherchent enfin à en tirer profit.

La chaîne de presse finlandaise Yle a rapporté que Tulli cherchait à vendre 1 981 BTC. En 2016, les Crypto Trader autorités douanières finlandaises ont saisi les bitcoins d’un trafiquant de drogue très recherché.

Au moment où les bitcoins ont été saisis, ils ne valaient qu’environ 850 000 dollars. Cependant, après avoir été patient et avoir maintenu les prix élevés actuels, la CTB vaut la bagatelle de 75 millions de dollars. Tulli envisageait de revendre aux enchères sa part de Bitcoin en 2018, mais il ne voulait pas que le Bitcoin retombe entre les mains de criminels ou de mauvais acteurs.

Il ne semble pas que Tulli détenait intentionnellement la cryptocouronne parce qu’il pensait que la CTB prendrait une valeur massive, mais plutôt parce qu’il la considérait comme une menace potentielle pour la société. Quel que soit le raisonnement, il semble que cette décision ait été payante et qu’elle ait eu des retombées considérables.

Bitcoin atteignant sans cesse de nouveaux sommets, les autorités douanières finlandaises ont finalement décidé qu’il était temps de vendre sa participation.
le ton contre bitcoin

Les pièces de monnaie ont connu une augmentation considérable de leur valeur, pulvérisant les records précédents pour atteindre un montant supérieur à 40 000 dollars. De nombreux facteurs ont poussé les prix des bitcoins à des niveaux sans précédent, dont beaucoup sont liés à la pandémie COVID-19 et à l’incertitude financière qu’elle a provoquée dans le monde entier.

Avec l’augmentation de l’inflation constatée dans divers pays puissants et instables, de nombreux investisseurs particuliers et institutionnels ont continué à se tourner vers cet actif pour se couvrir contre l’inflation.

Cette stratégie commence à devenir populaire auprès des investisseurs institutionnels et des entreprises mondiales

Un exemple est celui de Michael Saylor, le PDG de Microstrategy, l’une des plus grandes sociétés d’intelligence économique cotées en bourse sur Terre.

Après avoir été un sceptique de Bitcoin pendant un certain temps, Saylor a finalement décidé de faire tapis et a depuis investi plus d’un milliard de dollars des réserves de trésorerie de Microstrategy dans Bitcoin. Saylor dit qu’il considère Bitcoin comme la réserve de valeur ultime et la protection contre l’inflation et pense qu’elle a l’opportunité de surperformer l’or à long terme.

Alors que le plafond du marché des cryptocurrences éclipse pour la première fois 1 000 milliards de dollars et que le plafond du marché de Bitcoin dépasse Tesla, Saylor n’est pas le seul à voir Bitcoin sous cet angle.

Le milliardaire Chamath Palihapitiya déclare qu’il „achètera les Hamptons“ lorsque Bitcoin atteindra 150 000 dollars

Le capital-risqueur Chamath Palihapitiya prépare ses plans pour le moment où le prix de Bitcoin atteindra 150 000 dollars.

Le fondateur et PDG de Social Capital, qui est également président du conseil d’administration de Virgin Galactic, déclare qu’il va acquérir la destination estivale de choix pour les New-Yorkais aisés et la transformer en un lieu qui sert un plus grand bien.

„Quand la CTB atteindra 150 000 dollars, j’achèterai les Hamptons et les transformerai en camps de vacances pour enfants, en fermes et en logements à bas prix.“

Lorsqu’on lui demande ce qu’il fera lorsque Bitcoin atteindra 400 000 dollars, le milliardaire du capital-risque révèle que son prochain domaine d’intérêt sera la planète rouge.


Dans une récente interview, le milliardaire du capital-risque a déclaré avoir acheté 1 million de BTC en 2010 pour environ 80 dollars par pièce. Palihapitiya n’a pas confirmé s’il possède toujours la totalité de sa CTB, mais au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes, la pièce de monnaie Bitcoin est évaluée à 29 256 dollars, selon CoinMarketCap – ce qui fait qu’un million de CTB vaut la somme faramineuse de 29 milliards de dollars.

Dans une interview accordée à CNBC en 2017, le milliardaire du capital-risque a révélé qu’à un moment donné, lui et deux de ses amis possédaient 5 % de la totalité du flottant de Bitcoin.

Lors du rallye des bitcoins de 2017, Palihapitiya a prédit que le prix de la principale cryptocarte atteindrait des niveaux à six chiffres en moins d’une demi-décennie et des niveaux à sept chiffres en deux décennies.

Les commentaires de Palihapitiya arrivent alors que Bitcoin enregistre un record de 29 458 dollars à la veille du Nouvel An, selon CoinMarketCap.

A partir de ses niveaux actuels, Bitcoin devrait augmenter de plus de 400% pour atteindre l’objectif de prix de Palihapitiya dans les Hamptons.


  • O bitcoin sofreu uma forte queda desde os máximos de 19.500 dólares vistos na semana passada
  • Um analista historicamente exato diz que é provável que haja mais perdas para a moeda criptográfica
  • O analista compartilhou um gráfico mostrando que Bitcoin é provável no meio da negociação de um gato morto antes de mais perdas
  • Ele citou a forma Elliot Wave de análise técnica, que prevê que os mercados se movimentam em ondas previsíveis.


O BitQT sofreu uma forte queda desde os máximos de 19.500 dólares vistos na semana passada. Mesmo após uma forte recuperação dos baixos, a principal moeda criptográfica negocia por $17.600, longe desses altos.

Os analistas estão misturados sobre o que esta correção significa para o mercado de touro Bitcoin: alguns pensam que a queda foi uma correção necessária antes de um movimento mais forte para cima. Outros pensam que a queda é o início de uma correção maior que provavelmente terminará na moeda caindo para a região técnica de $12.000-14.000.

Um analista historicamente exato está atualmente inclinado para esta última opção.

O comerciante compartilhou recentemente um gráfico mostrando que Bitcoin está provavelmente no meio da negociação em um salto de gato morto antes de maiores perdas. Esta próxima queda, sugere o analista, poderia trazer a moeda criptográfica em direção à região de 15.000 dólares.

O quadro abaixo foi compartilhado junto com esta afirmação. O gráfico mostra a recente ação de preços do Bitcoin, juntamente com a afirmação de que ele pode estar negociando em um padrão de Onda Elliot que pode levá-lo a US$ 15.000:

„você adora vê-lo, procurando outro pop mais alto em 18k antes de abrir alguns shorts. para mim isto é um claro abc up após um declínio de 5 ondas, e a complacência parece estar dando o pontapé inicial“.

O comerciante que compartilhou esta tabela é o mesmo que em meados de 2018 previu que a Bitcoin cairia tão baixo quanto $3.200. Ele provou ser quase exatamente correto quando a moeda caiu no fundo do poço nas trocas superiores a $3.150 apenas meses depois.


Este analista está longe de ser o único que espera uma nova queda.

Bob Loukas, um analista do ciclo criptográfico, observou que a moeda criptográfica caiu regularmente 30% no último ciclo do mercado, antes de passar para novos patamares:

„A maioria tem uma memória curta. Lembre-se de que em janeiro de 2017, apenas tímido de #Bitcoin ATH’s, boom 34% de queda. Dois meses depois, um forte aumento, novos ATH’s, e um duplo boom de 34% de queda. Nunca uma rua de sentido único“.

A Bitcoin só caiu cerca de 15% de seus máximos. Uma correção completa de 30% significaria que ela cairia para a região de 14.000 dólares.

Baleias bloqueiam Bitcoin, Ethereum de Atingir Alturas

As duas principais moedas criptográficas por capitalização de mercado recuperaram terreno perdido após registrarem perdas significativas na semana passada. Ainda assim, vários indicadores sugerem que o pior ainda está por vir.

Principais tomadas de decisão

  • O Bitcoin aumentou mais de 10% desde 11 de novembro, mas agora o indicador sequencial TD está piscando sinais de venda.
  • Da mesma forma, o Ethereum se recuperou, apesar da pressão de venda crescente por trás dele.
  • Tanto as baleias BTC quanto as ETH têm reduzido significativamente suas posições nas últimas semanas, o que sugere mais perdas no horizonte.

Bitcoin e Ethereum terminaram o fim de semana com um estrondo. Apesar do movimento de alta, empurrando as fichas para cima mais de 4%, os dados na cadeia revelam que os grandes investidores têm descarregado suas fichas a cada subida.

Baleias bloqueiam Bitcoin a cada volta

Enquanto os investidores varejistas permanecem esmagadoramente em alta sobre a ação do preço da Bitcoin, as baleias têm aproveitado todas as oportunidades para realizar lucros.

Dados na cadeia da Santiment revelam que o número de endereços com 10.000 a 100.000 BTC caiu significativamente no último mês. Desde 18 de novembro, aproximadamente sete baleias deixaram a rede ou redistribuíram suas fichas, representando um declínio de 6,2% em um curto período.

A crescente pressão de venda por trás da criptocurrência do navio-estandarte pode parecer insignificante à primeira vista.

Ainda assim, ao considerar estes grandes investidores que detêm entre US$ 19 milhões e US$ 1,9 bilhões em BTC, o pico nas ordens de venda pode se traduzir em bilhões de dólares.

De uma perspectiva técnica, a Bitcoin também parece em baixa, independentemente da alta volatilidade que o mercado de moedas criptográficas está passando.

A seqüência TD apresentou sinais de venda generalizada, sugerindo que a BTC está em território sobre-comprado. As formações de baixa se desenvolveram na forma de nove castiçais verdes no gráfico de 1 mês, 1 semana e 4 horas, prevendo uma correção de um a quatro castiçais mensais.

Tal comportamento de mercado indica que a recuperação parcial dos preços observada em 13 de dezembro provavelmente levará a mais perdas.

No entanto, o modelo „Global In/Out of the Money“ (GIOM) do IntoTheBlock revela que o Bitcoin está em cima de um muro de demanda maciça que poderia impedi-lo de uma queda mais acentuada.

Com base nesta métrica na cadeia, mais de 2 milhões de endereços haviam adquirido anteriormente mais de 1,20 milhões de BTC entre $18.300 e $19.300.

Somente um castiçal próximo abaixo do nível de suporte de $18.300 ajudará a validar o panorama pessimista.

Se isto acontecesse, a moeda criptográfica do campanário provavelmente cairia para procurar apoio em torno da área de interesse mais próxima que fica entre $10.700 e $14.900.

Dada a falta de quaisquer barreiras de fornecimento, há uma pequena chance de que a Bitcoin seja capaz de encolher todos os sinais de venda e continuar a subir em direção a novos máximos de todos os tempos.

Os investidores devem estar atentos para que um castiçal feche acima da alta recente de $19.915, pois isso invalidará o panorama pessimista e resultará em um aumento para $24.000 ou mais.

Os detentores do Ethereum Vendem as Notícias

O lançamento do Beacon Chain parece ter servido como um evento de „venda de notícias“ para os detentores do Ethereum.

Embora os participantes do mercado continuem apostando em sua ETH, a atividade da rede vem diminuindo drasticamente.

O número de transações na cadeia superior a 100.000 dólares caiu em 55%, enquanto o número de novos endereços que aderiram à rede caiu em 47%.

A tendência de queda na atividade da rede é um sinal preocupante para a ação de preços a curto prazo da ETH quando se considera que algumas baleias têm descarregado suas moedas durante as últimas semanas. O gráfico de distribuição de titulares de Santiment mostra que o número de endereços com 100.000 a 1 milhão de Ether caiu 6,60% desde 20 de novembro.

Enquanto a pressão de venda aumenta, o indicador seqüencial TD prevê que a ficha de contrato inteligente está destinada a uma queda acentuada. Este índice técnico apresentou sinais de venda na forma de nove castiçais verdes no gráfico de 1 semana e 1 mês da ETH.

As formações de baixa sugerem que um aumento adicional nos pedidos de venda em torno dos níveis de preços atuais poderia levar a ETH a uma queda selvagem.

O modelo GIOM do TheBlock sugere que o nível de suporte de $565 é crítico para a tendência do Ethereum.

Com base na alta demanda em torno deste obstáculo de preços, somente um castiçal próximo a este nível validará a perspectiva pessimista. Se isto acontecer, a segunda maior moeda criptográfica por capitalização de mercado poderá cair e procurar apoio em torno do nível de $450 ou $320.

Por outro lado, a única barreira significativa de fornecimento à frente do Ethereum situa-se em torno de US$620. Transformar esta barreira de resistência em suporte comprometerá a perspectiva de baixa e empurrará este altcoin para novos máximos anuais.

Em seu caminho para cima, o Ether poderia visar US$720 e até US$800 se a pressão de compra por trás dele for significativa o suficiente.

A incerteza domina o Bitcoin, Ethereum

Embora os investidores institucionais tenham deixado claro que pretendem continuar adicionando moedas criptográficas a seus balanços, o futuro próximo do Bitcoin e do Ethereum permanece incerto.

Ambas as moedas criptográficas têm piscado sinais de venda em seus gráficos mensais, de acordo com a configuração da TD. Enquanto isso, o Crypto Fear and Greed Index (Índice de Medo e Ganância Cripto) está pairando em um patamar recorde, sentindo „ganância extrema“ entre os participantes do mercado.

Estes sinais de baixa são muito significativos para ignorar, independentemente do otimismo no mercado de moedas criptográficas.

Se o pico na pressão de venda visto durante a semana de 7 de dezembro se intensificar, a Bitcoin pode estar prestes a perder $18.300 como suporte e apontar para $14.000. O Ethereum, por outro lado, terá que quebrar abaixo do obstáculo de $565 para cair para $400.

Se não o fizer, subindo acima de seus respectivos picos, sinalizará o fim da correção e levará a picos mais altos.