End of Abundance: Summer Tokens to Become Scarcer

• The Summer token halving will take place on the 6th of March, reducing the rate of production from one token every 4.3 seconds to one token every 8.6 seconds.
• The halving will cause Summer tokens to become scarcer and more expensive while Autumn tokens become more abundant.
• Investors have a short time left to obtain Summer tokens before they become scarce, and can increase their holdings by trading between the four Seasonal Tokens.

End of an Era for the Seasonal Tokens Economy: Summer Tokens to Become Scarcer

Halving Process

Once every nine months, the rate of production of one of the four Seasonal Tokens is cut in half, with Spring having been most recently halved in June 2022. This process is similar to Bitcoin’s halvings, where the rate at which new coins are produced is reduced over time as a way to control inflation.

The Impact on Summer Tokens

On March 6th, the rate of production for Summer tokens will drop from one token every 4.3 seconds down to one token every 8.6 seconds, making them harder and more expensive to obtain as time goes on. As a result, prices are expected to adjust accordingly with Summer becoming the most expensive token out of all four seasonal tokens due its decreased supply relative to demand.

Benefits for Investors

Unlike Bitcoin where early investors have an advantage over later investors due its limited supply over time, investors in Seasonal Tokens can increase their holdings over time by trading between them depending on their current prices in relation to each other; when buying cheaper tokens then selling them when they become more expensive again increases your total amount invested overall without any extra cost incurred.


Investors who wish to take advantage of this opportunity only have a short amount of time left before scarcity sets in and future investors won’t be able access these plentiful summer tokens ever again; however those who do get involved now could potentially see great rewards from their investments if done correctly and strategically planned out over time!