NFT Sales Dip 32% Last Week, Ethereum Dominates as Ordinals Enter Top 10

• NFT sales decreased by 32.32% in the last seven days compared to the previous week, with Ethereum accounting for 79.78% of total sales.
• The top five NFT collections in terms of sales this week are all Ethereum-based and include MG Land, Momoguro Holoself, Sewer Pass, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Otherdeed.
• Ordinal inscriptions through Emblem Vault’s v4 collection have made their way into this week’s market data, with sales reaching $4.25 million.

Overview of Non-Fungible Token Sales

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales experienced a significant drop in the last seven days compared to a spike in February. Of 19 different blockchains, Ethereum accounted for $148.56 million out of the total $186.20 million in NFT sales settled this week; however, ETH-based NFTs decreased by 37.78%. Meanwhile, Solana (SOL) NFT sales increased by 12.93%, reaching $17 million and Polygon recorded just over $6 million in sales – a decrease of 17.34%.

Top 5 Collections

The top five most popular collections based on sales over the past seven days include MG Land ($10M), Momoguro Holoself ($8M), Sewer Pass ($7M), Bored Ape Yacht Club ($6M) and Otherdeed ($5M). The most expensive NFT sold during this period was Sewer Pass #21,915 which sold six days ago for $1.63 million USD.

Ordinal Inscriptions Enter Market Data

Ordinal inscriptions from Bitcoin Punks and Counterparty-crafted collections such as Rare Pepe blockchain trading cards have entered market data via Emblem Vault version four (v4). This collection has seen an impressive 287% increase compared to last week’s figures at a total sale of $4.25 million USD – making it the eighth largest collection based on weekly sales volume overall.

Leading Marketplaces

Blur is still leading the market this week with 79.7% market share while OpenSea captured 14/9%. Over the past thirty days more than two billion dollars worth of NFTs were sold across both platforms combined according to cryptoslam data analysis metrics .


Overall non-fungible token (NFT) markets experienced a dip in performance over the past seven day but remain strong despite fluctuations due to high demand within digital collectibles space as well as decentralized finance (DeFi). Furthermore, Ordinal inscriptions are gaining popularity among buyers offering an alternative form of collecting rare digital items on blockchains such as Bitcoin or Counterparty while Blur remains ahead as one of leading platforms for purchasing these assets worldwide