The incredible Fair Launch Capital finances Marqet

DeFi: a novelty every day – The world of decentralized finance is constantly moving, to the point of making you dizzy. The latest news concerns the launch of the decentralized Marqet margin trading platform, with funding from the new Fair Launch Capital fund.

A new investment fund for innovative projects

The Fair Launch Capital fund was created last August by a community of investors who want to cover the costs of launching innovative crypto-projects, so that these launches are as “fair” as possible.

By this, the fund intends to prevent these projects from being financed by a pre-sale (ICO or IEO) or a pre-mining of tokens. The distribution / distribution of tokens will thus be more equitable for the project community.

Among its founders, we can find Reuben Bramanatha , former head of Coinbase , or Gavin McDermott , engineer and founding member of BitGo .

In a press release on Medium, Fair Launch Capital announces the financing of their first project: Marqet

Marqet, a trading platform based on Aave and Synthetix
Marqet allows trading on margin without third party trust of any synthetic asset, without the risk of „slippage“ (price lag) or lack of liquidity .

To do this, Marqet combines the delegation of credit from the AAVE platform with synthetic assets (cryptos, commodities, indices) traded over-the-counter on the Synthetix platform .

“Marqet plans to carry out its project by encouraging AAVE depositors to delegate their credit to Marqet – which will allow more liquidity to be available to finance positions with margin – while the integration of Synthetix will allow operators to still negotiate at the spot price (market price) without lag. „

The details of the fair launch of Marqet will be communicated in the coming days by the teams of Fair Launch Capital.

Likewise, funding announcements for other projects should be made after the official launch.