US terror possibly funded from France with Bitcoin

US terror possibly funded from France with Bitcoin

Raphael Adrian Last updated: 19 January 2021Linkedin Twitter Facebookwhite building during day
Around a month before the storming of the US Capitol, right-wing extremists reportedly received a large Bitcoin donation. An exclusive report by yahoo!news recently raised the issue. Thus, on 8 December last year, a total of 28.15 BTC with an equivalent value of 500,000 US dollars was said to have flowed into 22 wallets of various personalities and organisations of the right-wing scene.


Traces lead to France

Based on data provided by Yahoo, the software company Chainanalysis conducted investigations. It is said that the origin of the payments could be traced back to the heart of Europe to France. The payments came from an account of a French crypto exchange. VDARE, Daily Stormer and Nicholas Fuentes were among the associations and organisations that received gifts. On the basis of the research, personal data on the sender of the payments could also be established. The sender is said to be a French programmer who also runs a blog.

The research firm describes one of the contributions as a farewell letter. In it, the programmer had spoken of the „downfall of Western civilisation“ and that he wanted to donate his assets to organisations that fulfil certain purposes. However, no new post has been found on the blog since 2014.

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US government looks at counter-terrorism measures
An anonymous source revealed further details about the case. As of now, law enforcement agencies are also said to have taken up the case in order to further track down the transaction. Also to find out more details and financial backgrounds to the turmoil in Washington. In this way, the government hopes to be able to act better in the future.

At a press conference, US Attorney Michael Sherwin said that the FBI considers the investigations in this case to be „significant counterterrorism or counterintelligence“. To this end, the authorities are currently in the process of obtaining information on the case.

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